Maklee delivers the numbers for a leading financial body

Maklee is the name behind an astonishing story of Oracle tuning success for a world-leading financial news and data company.

The client, utilizing an HP ProLiant DL785 G5 server with 8 Quad core AMD Opteron 8393 SE processors, needed to benchmark the RedHat Linux operating system as a future platform upon which to deploy Oracle.

Using an “out of the box” configuration, the server performed an impressive 44,000 database inserts per second, which denotes 2.64 million transactions per minute. Maklee was engaged to push the system to its limit and discover its maximum scaling capabilities.

Maklee’s initial tuning results showed 20% increased throughput, or 53,311 transactions per second (3.19 million transactions per minute).

In order to achieve even better results, Maklee performed a second round of more aggressive tuning. The system now performed a remarkable 106,705 transactions per second, or 6.4 million transactions per minute, reflecting CPU utilization of 45%. The benchmark proved the HP ProLiant DL785 G5 server’s capability in handling high-end production workloads, and Maklee’s expert tuning realized the server’s maximum potential.